2WayTrust launches feedback system

This week sees the launch of a new Feedback system that goes completely against the grain of contemporary human resource and corporate practice. 

Dealing face-to-face with difficult issues such as areas of low performance and problematic behaviour is something that is completely alien in many workplaces.  This is what is now made possible by 2WayTrust Feedback, that is the result of a national series of 2WayTrust Masterclasses with CEO’s and members of tops teams at Windsor Castle over the past two years.

According to Ms. Jacqui Martin, a Director of 2WayTrust  “We have found that a culture of blame and mistrust has built up that really degrades team capability and employee relationships.  Our new system for face-to-face feedback in small groups of 3 to 5 is an attempt to get things back on track.  It is about enabling small teams to have those difficult discussions that are so often ignored, and enabling them to bring unhelpful behaviour out into the open so that it’s possible for people to move forward through greater mutual support and increased teamwork.”

The idea behind 2WayTrust Feedback is to remove the stigma that can so easily be attached to individuals who dare to say difficult things to others, and to create a safe framework to enable hard conversations to take place.  It enables individuals to open up potentially awkward issues with colleagues in a secure and safe manner.

Ms. Martin continued, “2WayTrust Feedback tackles tough messages, which inherently is not an easy thing to do.  And the feedback we’ve had from Directors so far is that it can be incredibly invigorating for those who take part in a Feedback group.  Facing up to and looking your weaknesses in the eye, with the backing and support of your team is truly one of the most liberating things that anyone can ever do.”

For further information: please contact Jacqui Martin, Jonty Faulkner or Vanessa Carter whose details are on our website 2WayTrust.com

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