7 easy steps to promote workplace harmony

Jean Kelly, a leading consultant and trainer with more than 15 years’ experience in the field of combating harassment and bullying at work, has spent many months analysing mistakes managers make that contribute to conflict in the workplace. 

Based on her research, she has produced 7 Easy Steps to Promote Workplace Harmony – a practical resource containing a wealth of information to guide managers in all aspects of people management.

The self-study pack gives the reader the expertise to easily and successfully deal with the people-side of management, without the need for a lengthy and costly training programme. 

Who is Jean Kelly and why should you listen to what she has to say?

Jean has worked with individuals and large, high profile organisations helping them deal with bullying and harassment in the workplace.  

She has investigated many formal complaints of harassment and bullying and has trained and coached individuals who have experienced bullying, harassment and general unacceptable behaviour at work.

She has witnessed the behaviour and attitudes of managers and noted the mistakes they have made – mistakes which have led to staff feeling demotivated, humiliated, ignored, stressed and misunderstood. 

She has also seen managers struggling to motivate staff, introduce change and encourage their teams to be accountable for their work. 

Like you, Jean is aware of enormous costs attributable to disharmony at work. 

Apart from the loss of morale, increased sickness absence, high staff turnover and breakdown in working relationships, there is the huge expense of investigating formal complaints, including management time, legal fees and employment tribunal awards.

She piloted the steps managers could take to avoid these mistakes and to create workplace harmony – with spectacular results. 

Managers began to listen to their teams and give time to individuals, so helping staff become committed to their work and loyal to their colleagues.

“I hadn’t realised that my staff were interested in me and wanted to get to know me.  This has been an eye opener and working relationships have since improved enormously.”  (Senior manager in a large public sector organisation who had been accused of bullying.)

“Having team meetings has been a great way of demonstrating to the staff that I am letting go and being less controlling.  This has made a big difference to staff morale and has been such a simple thing to introduce!”  (Middle manager in a private company.)

In order to bring this new approach to as wide an audience as possible, Jean has packaged the 7 Steps as a resource full of the information needed to avoid the mistakes many managers make when faced with difficult staff issues.

Jean believes this resource is unique as it provides the skills’ training to prevent you making mistakes which lead to conflict at work.  

You can so easily learn how to deal with the people side of management – without leaving your desk and going on an expensive management development programme.

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