A quarter of UK workers have second jobs

One in four workers in the UK has a second job to help make ends meet, according to research.

Research of 1,000 people by insurance provider Liverpool Victoria, showed that nearly five million people have a second job or have held one in the past.

Almost one in three Scots (30%) said they needed to work two jobs at some point, compared with 17% in eastern England.

The main reasons for taking a second job were:

  • To pay for living expenses (44%)

  • Working to clear debts, including student loans (10%)

  • Saving for a special event or holiday (5%)

Nigel Snell, Liverpool Victoria’s head of external affairs, said: “With an estimated savings gap in the UK of at least £27bn, it is concerning that so many Britons work extra hours in a second job, yet still don’t save anything for the future.”

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