Pay structures

EU workers posted abroad to be entitled to local pay rates

Workers posted to another EU country will be entitled to the same rate of pay and working conditions as their...

MPs press for action over Sainsbury’s pay and contract review

22 May 2018

Prime Minister Theresa May has been urged to take action over an “array of deplorable decisions” that MPs say will...

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NHS pay deal of 6.5-29% to be offered without holiday loss

21 Mar 2018

More than a million nurses and other NHS staff in England will be offered a three-year pay deal worth between...

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Pay awards stuck firm at 2% during 2017, according to XpertHR

21 Dec 2017

Employers consistently offered median pay awards of 2% during 2017, according to XpertHR’s analysis.

Pay awards
Forecasts for pay awards...

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Is legislation the answer to fat cat bonuses and poor corporate governance?

27 Jan 2017

With employee representation off the agenda, should the Government bring in new corporate governance regulations to make executive pay fairer...

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HR pay rises lowest in a decade

28 Nov 2016

HR professionals saw their pay rise by an average of 2.3% over the past year, according to new data from...

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Balancing CEO pay: can publishing pay ratios really help?

7 Sep 2016

CEOs of FTSE 100 companies earn almost 150 times the average employee in their organisation. With calls for greater transparency,...

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National living wage fears over jobs unfounded, says thinktank

11 Jul 2016

The national living wage has not been the “jobs killer” that many predicted, according to a report published today by...

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Covering the cost of the national living wage – is it fair or legal to cut back perks?

9 Jun 2016

A number of companies have announced plans to cut back on staff benefits to cope with the cost of the...

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National living wage will cost employers an extra £11 a week, finds XpertHR

5 Jan 2016

Implementing the national living wage from April 2016 will cost employers an average of just £11.40 a week for each...

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24% of workers in Manchester will be affected by the NLW, compared to 14% in London

NLW to hit Northern city employers hardest

4 Jan 2016

Employers in Sheffield, Nottingham and Birmingham stand to be most affected by the introduction of the national living wage, according...

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National living wage will affect half of employers

18 Nov 2015

More than half (54%) of UK employers say the national living wage will have an effect on the paybill, with the retail sector most severely affected.

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£7.20, the national living wage when it starts in April 2016. Jeff Blackler/REX Shutterstock

National living wage research: how will your organisation approach it?

16 Nov 2015

Take part in research to understand what other organisations are doing to prepare for the new minimum wage for staff aged 25 and over...

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Health secretary confirms agency staff pay caps

14 Oct 2015

A cap on charges for agency staff in the NHS will be introduced over the next three years, health secretary...

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Holiday pay and overtime: unanswered questions after Bear Scotland case

10 Dec 2014

Few employers will have missed the publicity surrounding November's ruling...

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