A real voice of authority for NHS employers

A new body that aims to be the "authoritative voice" for the NHS
on employment and HR issues is to be formed.

The NHS Employers’ Organisation (EO) is expected to begin work in October
and has been set up as part of the Department of Health’s (DoH) ongoing change
management programme.

The new EO will be run by the NHS Confederation, which represents the
organisations that make up the health service, and will draw together NHS
employer views on employment policy frameworks and represent those views

It will also support the implementation and delivery of the Agenda for
Change pay system covering all non-medical staff.

Andrew Foster, DoH director of HR, said: "This new organisation will
play a vital role in working with the DoH to develop policy and then advising
on its practical impact on the NHS."

Gill Morgan, chief executive of the NHS Confederation, added that the new
body would bring added value by giving responsibility for the HR agenda to the

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