Aberdeen council to pay £26,000 to manager forced to quit after complaining about sex acts

A north-east Scotland senior council manager, who was forced to quit his job after he complained about workplace sex romps, has won his case for unfair dismissal.

Former leisure manager Tom McNeil said he was forced out of his Aberdeen City Council job after he claimed he saw a woman performing a sex act on then director of sport and leisure Brian Woodcock.

McNeil was accused of breaching the confidentiality of a report by the council.

It was claimed that he had made up the claims and was accused of being a “story teller” to cover up his own behaviour which included sexual harassment and on-site drinking.

However, the tribunal ruled that McNeil was unfairly, constructively dismissed by the council. He was awarded £26,028.

“The council has caused themselves damage yet again and the taxpayers will be left to foot the bill for this 20-day tribunal. This has never been about the money, I just wanted to clear my name,” McNeil told BBC News.

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