Acas needs funding, not privatisation

Government attempts to partially privatise Acas are doomed to failure,
according to the Industrial Society.

It argues that instead of making Acas grant licences to private conciliators
to expand its work, the Government should simply increase its funding.

This is a key proposal in the consultation paper Routes to Resolution:
Improving Dispute Resolution in Britain, which closed last week.

The Industrial Society believes the granting of licences would result in
less experienced conciliators and potentially damage Acas’ performance by
encouraging staff to leave for higher, private-sector salaries.

The majority of workplace dispute claims never reach the tribunal stage
because of Acas’ expertise in conciliation, claims the report.

Furthermore, the Government’s tribunal proposals do not address the real
problem – poor management.

"The best means of ensuring management improves its performance is to
promote awareness of the cost benefits of good management and to provide
guidance on good practice," it claims.

Policy specialist Yvonne Bennion said, "The hotchpotch of suggestions
in the consultation document do not provide a coherent answer to

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