Accounting for People: CIPD calls for flexibility

capital reporting must be flexible to allow for different types of businesses
in different sectors, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)

to the Accounting for People Task Force consultation paper, Angela Baron,
adviser on organisation and resourcing at the CIPD, said standardised reporting
would not work.

can’t be a one-size-fits all approach. It has to be flexible enough. Thinking
that there will be a formula that all companies can use is a myth," she

suggested that indicators would work better if they were sector-based, to allow
for differences in businesses.

CIPD has come up with four broad areas it believes should be measured:
acquisition and retention of human capital; management and motivation of human
capital; development; and performance; and evaluation.

areas, Baron said, need to be further broken down and measured.

this is where gets hard," she added. "We need more discussion and
guidance to work this out."

said most companies already have the data, but the ability to pull it together
and interpret it will take some work.

suggested by the taskforce

workforce profile
● labour-management relations
● retention
● training/competencies
● remuneration
● health and safety

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