‘Acquiring talent’? Marc Effron talks to Oven-Ready HR

Marc Effron

Oven-Ready HR’s latest guest is Marc Effron, co-author of Harvard Business Review’s best-selling book “One Page Talent Management’.

The last few years has seen an explosion in the terminology of talent. Processes, approaches and strategies when it comes attracting, managing, engaging and retaining talent are legion.  Alongside this growth comes a bewildering array of talent titles such as talent management; talent acquisition and talent lead.  But is all this just a sexier re-brand of what used to be called “recruitment” and “succession planning”?  Has the hiring industry hijacked the word ‘talent’ from Hollywood turning this from ‘on-screen’ talent into ‘on-Zoom’ talent?

Shining a light on the world of talent is Effron, founder and president of the Talent Strategy Group a New York-based organisation that advises some of the world’s largest and most complex organisations about human resource and talent management issues.  Marc also publishes TalentQ magazine a publication he founded in 2013 designed to help executives makes smart decisions about how to manage talent.

On the question of name-change from recruitment to talent acquisition, Mark makes this interesting analogy: “I thought if I was eating at a horrible restaurant where the food was awful, and the servers were rude, and they changed their name, am I going back because, gee, they must’ve changed everything else because they swapped the sign? Probably not.”

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    Marc Effron 1 Apr 2021 at 5:19 pm #

    Thanks and it was a great conversation!

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