Actors show employees how to Present with Impact

Drama-led corporate training company Hendrix The Dog Productions is providing tips from professional actors to help employees deliver more energetic and nerve-free presentations.

As the economy emerges from recession organisations need staff to engage effectively with colleagues, clients and customers as they look for stability and growth in 2010.

Hendrix’s Presenting with Impact course demonstrates how by using acting techniques anyone who must present as part of their job has the confidence to connect with internal and external ‘audiences’.

This is essential if they are to achieve their objective from every presentation they make.

Learners are shown how to:

  • be more confident on their ‘stage’

  • be aware of their body language

  • improve their voice tone and articulation

  • use breathing and memory techniques to calm their nerves about presenting and any fears that they will ‘fluff their lines’

  • handle difficult questions during the potentially-tricky Q&A session, the time when things can go wrong. 

The Presenting with Impact course is interactive and memorable, with up to 15 learners accommodated on each half or full-day session. The presentations can be filmed so learners can see how well they did and where they can improve their presenting style by following the actors’ tool kit.

The course is aimed at senior and junior managers, employees who have recently made the move into management and ambitious junior staff members who eventually want promotion into a role where presenting will be part of the job.

“This practical course takes participants through a fascinating journey which ends with them delivering a fantastic presentation,” says Hendrix director Lucy Morgans.

She adds: “Our actors teach the participants the vocal and breathing techniques that work on stage so they can convey their messages more effectively. They understand how their body language influences how they are perceived before they start speaking, and during and after their presentation.”

Toni Wright, training and development officer at East Sussex County Council, says the sessions gave her the opportunity to practice giving presentations in a friendly and safe environment.

“The exercises used enabled me to overcome my nerves and prove to myself that I can perform in a presentation situation even with the briefest preparation,” she says. “The course met my needs and expectations and the trainers were approachable and supportive and ideal for anyone looking to present with more confidence.”

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