Addictions: the new workplace hazard

are becoming increasingly concerned about the impact on their workers of
addiction, a leading occupational healthcare provider has warned.

Reed, corporate services director of Priory – the organisation behind the
famous Priory clinic – said addiction is often listed third by employers behind
worries about stress and musculoskeletal conditions.

is something that is gaining momentum," he told Occupational Health.

addiction is most commonly associated with drink and drugs, in the workplace,
other addictions, such as gambling, sex or even exercise can also have a severe
effect on both health and performance.

or three big companies that we have been talking to have listed addiction
alongside stress and back issues," he added.

this, addiction is an area many employers and OH professionals remain
uncomfortable about, he said.

traditional occupational health department working with a company will have its
primary expertise in primary care. Very few in the main will be involved in
mental health issues. There is a real skills deficit there," he said.

study by Alcohol Concern in November reported that one person in 13 was
dependent on alcohol, while twice as many were hooked on all other drugs,
including prescription drugs.

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