Adult learning institutions could do better

half of all work-based training schemes in England are sub-standard, according
to the Adult Learning Inspectorate (ALI).

apprenticeships form the core of the Government’s skills drive, but 46 per cent
of courses are inadequate and 40 per cent poorly led, according to the ALI
chief inspector.

Sherlock made the claims in the latest annual report, in sharp contrast to Tony
Blair’s speech to the CBI citing apprenticeships as the best way to improve
workforce skills.

the figures are an improvement on last year’s failure rates of almost 60 per
cent among work-based learning.

and training in the 21st Century should be of a high standard to support the
economy as a whole," Sherlock said. "Nobody should have to suffer a
poor experience and be put off learning for good."

voiced ‘grave concerns’ about the 40 per cent of organisations inspected that
showed poor leadership and management, which were "not so much ill-managed
as un-managed".

report said that inadequate leadership and management often resulted in poor
quality teaching, learners who drop out early and a business that is oblivious
to its shortcomings.

By Michael Millar

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