Advanced Professional Diploma in Employment Law, MOL (flexible learning specialists)

How long?
Six month part-time study (including five one-day workshops).

Entry requirements
The course is open access, so no formal qualifications are required.
This course aims to provide basic knowledge of all aspects of individual employment law from contracts to termination, from inventions to statutory paid leave entitlements, from rights to confidentiality to the writing of references.
In the event of legal action against the company, a manager who has completed this course satisfactorily should be able to provide the elements of the company’s defence at a tribunal, deal with simple claims and importantly, know when to engage outside assistance, having assessed the cost implications pragmatically.
We also aim to cover all aspects of collective employment law from Trade Union recognition to trade disputes and immunities. An introduction to the wide field of health and safety requirements is also provided.
The final section takes a wider perspective and briefly considers the differences in employment law and employment relations across the European Community and in the USA and Western Australia.
The course comprises approximately ten hours of self-directed study per week and compulsory attendance at five one-day workshops. There are two assignments to complete with no examinations.

Career Opportunities
Successful participants should be able to:
Confidently handle legal materials, the Acts of Parliament and regulations and reported decisions of the courts and tribunals
Analyse the materials competently and confidently
Read and explain an Act of Parliament and a European Directive confidently
Explain the law in language and concepts that other staff can understand and absorb
Advise on and evaluate the potential impact of new legislation on the company’s current policies and procedures.
Use appropriate sources to keep their knowledge updated
Plan and implement compliant policies and procedures based on legal principles and relevant Codes of Practice
Prepare a company response to an Employment Tribunal claim and prepare witness statements
Contribute responses to Government and professional Consultation Documents relating to proposed legislative changes, on behalf of the company or industry

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