AEEU welcomes private sector help in the public sector

The AEEU union backs the Government’s plans to introduce
private management into the public sector.

Speaking at the union’s Conference today in Blackpool the
AEEU’s leader, Ken Jackson, who is one of Labour’s biggest affiliates, called
for the Government to deliver a public service that voters can rely on.

He said, “While people are prepared to pay more tax for
improved public services they have not trusted us to deliver those services
with their money.

“This is the last chance for Britain’s public services. If
we spend more money than ever before without delivering real improvements then
we will not just have lost the battle to provide public services, but the whole
arguments for public sector services themselves.

“Public and private can work together.”

Jackson also said that his union will work with the Government
to improve public services and not stand in the way of new initiatives and lose
the public’s support.

By Paul Nelson. Click here to respond

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