Airline crews’ hours cut

Employer and employee organisations in the EU air transport sector have
agreed a working time package for its 100,000 pilots and cabin crew.

The agreement limits annual working time to 2,000 hours, substantially less
than the 2,304 hours laid down by the EU’s Working Time directive.

This limit also includes "some elements of standby for duty assignment
as determined by the applicable law", and restricts flying time to 900
hours – lower than currently provided for by some member state legislation.

The accord also gives "appropriate" health and safety protection
for all mobile personnel, containing provisions on a monthly and yearly minimum
number of rest days.

It will be welcome news to the European Commission, which has been trying to
incorporate transport sectors into the general EU working time regime.

Brussels has been encouraging transport worker and employer organisations to
strike deals on working time, threatening compulsory legislation if no
agreement was reached.

The EU’s maritime and rail sectors have agreed packages as a result, while
road haulage organisations have not.

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