Alignment and motivation are vital

To successfully implement e-learning, organisations must align their
learning strategy to core business strategy, make learner motivation a high
priority and deliver quick wins in the implementation process.

These were just some of the key findings of a study by e-learning provider
Laura Overton Associates, which seeks to identify the common business factors
that help sustain successful e-learning within an organisation.

The Linking Learning to Business report, reviewed the e-learning activity of
15 organisations across a number of sectors, including IT, telecommunications,
financial services, manufacturing, retailing and government.

Some 90 per cent of respondents said e-learning is recommended to co-workers,
91 per cent said that following an e-learning programme they were able to use
points learned in their day-to-day work and 75 per cent that it gives them
control of their own development.

"For the past 18 months, we have heard much of how e-learning has failed
to live up to its long-term promise, which has rightly left organisations
cautious," said principal researcher Laura Overton. "In the meantime,
there are many businesses have successfully deployed e-learning over
significant periods of time and have found ways of engaging learners and the
business in that process."

The study is published by Bizmedia (e-mail [email protected] for details) and a
summary report is available online.

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