Amicus launches anti-bullying drive

In a bid to tackle the growing problem of bullying in the workplace, Amicus and the government have launched Europe’s biggest anti-bullying drive.

The Dignity at Work scheme is also backed by big name firms including BT.

Bullying in the workplace is a growing drain on the economy, according to private sector union Amicus.

The problem costs up to £1.3bn a year in sick leave, lost productivity, people leaving their job and the cost of replacing them, the union said.

The Department of Trade and Industry has invested £1m in the project, which is also supported by firms such as the Royal Mail, British Airways and Legal & General, as well as the anti-bullying charity, Andrea Adams Trust.

“Bullying is a widespread and serious problem and one which none of us can afford to ignore,” said Mandy Telford, Amicus anti-bullying spokeswoman.

The union said a new website would be launched under the scheme which would offer advice and support.

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