Amicus union membership in financial services sector increased by 150% in 2006

Finance staff are joining trade union Amicus in their droves, with the union reporting a 150% increase in its membership in the financial services sector last year.

In 2006, the union recruited 25,173 members from within the sector. Since the start of this year, the union has recruited a further 2,000 members.

Amicus believes these figures demonstrate that unions are not in decline in the private sector. Rather, the union is gaining ground due to the resonance its campaigns on offshoring, pensions and equal pay are having with workers.

David Fleming, Amicus national officer, said: “Increasing numbers of finance staff are looking to a progressive union that can campaign effectively on pay and job security within a highly competitive industry.”

Last year, Amicus recruited 74,000 new members.

The proposed merger with the Transport and General Workers’ Union (T&G) will deliver greater membership dividends through increased resources, Fleming said.

“Those who believe that staff working in the private sector don’t join unions, take heed,” he said. “They are joining in their thousands and will continue to do so as Amicus and the T&G head towards a super union.”

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