And our survey says

The e-learning revolution is making its mark on the shape of training
departments with trainers having to learn new skills and rethink how to offer
the best range of formats to employees.

This is one of the key findings of Corporate E-Learning: Realising the
Potential, the fourth annual e-learning survey undertaken by Xebec McGraw-Hill
and Training Magazine.

Specialists will need to be able to integrate on- and offline training

When asked what skills will become more important to enable the potential of
e-learning to be maximised in an organisation, 42 per cent of respondents
indicated that integration will be key. And 34 per cent believe coaching and
mentoring will be a top skill required for training specialists.

Other direct actions affecting the learning experience are given as
important skills – these include facilitation and building online curricula,
which were picked out by 26 per cent of respondents in each category.

But trainers do have concerns, specifically over the difficulty of finding
suitable suppliers and increased technical knowledge and over the decreased
importance of the personal elements of their role, with 39 per cent indicating
this as a concern.

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