Apprentice winner Yasmina predicted by Personnel Today blogger in April

Personnel Today’s The Apprentice Analysed blog correctly predicted that Yasmina Siadatan would defeat Kate Walsh in the TV final, after just three episodes of the show.

Binna Kandola, founder and senior partner at business psychologists Pearn Kandola, and author of the blog, forecast in the early stages of The Apprentice series that Siadatan would win after assessing each candidate against four characteristics: thought leadership, task leadership, people leadership, and potential for leadership.

The show’s final five were also correctly predicted using the same method.

On Sunday, business mogul Alan Sugar and star of the BBC show, hired Siadatan following his “gut instinct” in the final task, which saw the two women battle it out to create a new box of chocolates.

Kandola said on the Apprentice Analysed blog: “Yasmina was the one who displayed the most potential: she listened to feedback, was self-critical as well as being totally dedicated and driven. There are rough edges to Yasmina’s profile, most notably her brusqueness on occasion, but an apprenticeship is a learning process and an education leading to someone becoming highly skilled in their chosen profession, and she has all the qualities to be a success.”

He added: “From week three we identified Yasmina as the potential winner and Kate as runner up, and from week five we identified the top five. I mention this not just as a source of satisfaction, but of some considerable relief too.”

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