Are you asking the right coaching questions?

Scott Bradbury, the leading producer of DVD-based training resources has just launched a new programme on coaching.

Called ‘Coaching: The Power of Questions’ the programme provides practical illustrations of how to use questions to help a person think through a problem or a task for him or herself.

The DVD shows how if it is a manager’s intention to coach another person, the type of questions they use will be different from those questions designed simply to elicit information. 

The programme demonstrates how to ask ‘Coaching Questions’ and provides plenty of examples of what to say and how to seize day-to-day opportunities for coaching. 

The DVD includes a 20 minute drama story plus an interview with the programme’s author Hugh Murray FCIPD in which he explains his views on how to become a successful coach.

The programme also includes a User’s Guide and PowerPoint presentation to help trainers deliver a  practical session on coaching.

The programme is priced at £995 + VAT.

Scott Bradbury offer free postal previews of their DVD training resources.  Call 01638 565850 for details or visit


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