Argos sacks employee for derogatory Facebook entry as directory enquiries firm 118 118 asks Facebook to remove abusive page

An Argos employee has been sacked following his antics on social networking site Facebook.

According to an article in The Sun, Tom Beech set up a thread entitled: “I work at Argos and can’t wait to leave because it’s sh*t.”

However, the newspaper said that bosses instructed Beech to shut down his posting, and suspended him from his job in Wokingham.

A disciplinary hearing later sacked him for gross misconduct.

It follows an earlier incident involving Facebook and a posting by former employees at The Number UK, which operates the 118 118 phone enquiry service.

‘The Survivors of 118 118’ page on the social networking site posted abusive comments directed at callers.

The page described itself as: “A group for survivors of the 118 experience: Numbers, politeness, quality, productivity, presence, cut-off, refund, angry, Scottish. Bovered!”

One entry on the site said: “People of Britain… re-discover the phonebook… you lazy b*st**s”

Founder of the group, Simon Stranks, added: “I wrote a few a**hole callers’ numbers on the walls of public toilets and pasted them on many an internet site.”

Earlier this week, The Number UK said it had successfully contacted Facebook to have the page removed, adding that an investigation into the matter had revealed that most of the postings had come from ex-employees or entries that could not be traced.

Employees’ access to Facebook has already been banned Transport for London, LloydsTSB, the Metropolitan Police and Credit Suisse.

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