Arresting sight keeps CIPD on the front page

CIPD Conference sketch

When one of Personnel Today’s journalists was ‘arrested’ by CIPD conference security only a couple of hours after the event started, it looked like we were in for an interesting few days in Harrogate, Yorkshire.

The incident arose at approximately 14.00 hours, when the suspect (IC-1 male) was observed asking delegates about the merits of CIPD training and the nature of good leadership.

The dedicated men of the security service (a credit to our nation) escorted the suspect to a holding cell where he was questioned by a highly trained interrogator about the motives behind his modus operandi. The suspect gave his name and rank, but the covert nature of conference security rightly precluded them from returning the courtesy. The suspect was released soon after and told to keep his nose clean.

Keynote speaker Renée Mauborgne wowed delegates with techniques that would have HR laughed out of any meeting room. But her spell was powerful, with many delegates nodding their heads in approval. Clearly, the emperor had ordered up a batch of new clothes just that morning.

To be fair to the CIPD, the range of subjects on offer was enormous and, crucially, delegates did discover what keeps the CEO awake at night. It turns out they are lonely, the poor dears.

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