As Facebook intros new safeguards, firms are still open to security threats

Facebook, one of the most popular social networking sites in the world, has this week implemented around 40 safeguards to protect its younger users.

The safeguards, which are the result of negotiations between Facebook and various state agencies in the US, are a welcome addition for consumer users of the portal, says WorkLight.

The Web 2.0 security specialist cautions, however, that businesses are still wide open to problems from the site.

“The improvements are all aimed at consumer users of Facebook. There is still concern at companies whose employees are tapping into the considerable B2B and B2C benefits that social networking sites offer modern businesses,” said David Lavenda, WorkLight’s vice president of marketing and strategy.

According to Lavenda, companies need to be aware that relatively inexpensive technology exists to give businesses secure access to social networking sites like Facebook, but protecting both them and their staff from the negative aspects of the portals concerned.

“Our enterprise solutions, for example, give companies a secure and highly personalised set of social networking facilities built on top of publicly-available Web 2.0 services, but without the security risks firms experience by accessing the services directly,” he said.

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