‘Mars and Venus’ approach to personal development

Two innovative trainers have announced plans to run two development programmes, one for men and one for women, side by side.

Jon Toulson and Vanessa Boon will be running the highly acclaimed Navigator for men and the National Training Award winner Springboard women’s development programme.

Toulson told us “the programmes are tailored to the different trends that affect men and women’s development and choices, both in their personal and professional lives”.

The Springboard and Navigator programmes have been tried and tested with over 180,000 participants and schemes running in over 20 countries.

However, this is the first time the two open programmes have been offered together on the same days in the same venue in adjacent rooms and with a shared networking space for lunch.

“I have experienced running Navigator next door to a Springboard programme in a single company environment – and the additional dynamic this creates is fabulous!” said Toulson, “now, the chance to replicate this with an open programme, with people from all different walks of life, employers and job roles is just a really exciting idea”.

Boon, who will be facilitating the Springboard course, said “these programmes make a real impact by giving participants a confidence boost and exploring how they can maximise their potential, own their development and seize the opportunities around them. We also address topical issues such as dealing with change and work-life balance”. On the gender agenda, Boon added “it will be interesting for participants from both programmes to compare the Mars and Venus experience over lunch.”

Both courses will be running side by side at The Stuart Hotel, Derby, with the first of the four workshops starting on 13th November 2008. 


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