Asda encourages fitness culture with new gym

Supermarket chain Asda is encouraging staff at its Chepstow distribution
centre in south Wales to get fit by installing a gym, which employees can use
for just £1 a week.

The gym, which is being operated by employee well-being company BodyCheck,
is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to avoid the problem of the awkward
shift patterns worked by some of the centre’s 1,000 employees.

BodyCheck carries out an induction and an individual health and fitness
check, and staff are given the option of allowing them to monitor their

In a separate initiative, the retailer has announced a scheme where
employees undergoing fertility treatment will be able to take time off work.

Women will be eligible for five days’ paid leave, which can either be taken
singly or together, and men will receive one-and-a-half days’ leave.

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