Asda provides its workers with crèche

Asda has launched its first in-store crèche at its Ashton branch in

The supermarket chain is employing a trained childcare team to look after
staff members’ children. All-day childcare at the ‘Kids are us’ crèche costs
£10 per day, and the scheme could be rolled out across other stores if it
proves successful.

Divisional people manager for Asda Wal-Mart, Sian Doyle, said the move was
part of the chain’s drive towards promoting a greater work-life balance for its
workforce. "It is important to understand the childcare needs of all our
colleagues, and to offer appropriate flexible working options and
solutions," she said.

"We’re very proud of the scheme. It demonstrates that Asda cares about
its staff as well as its customers.

"We’re extremely proud of the ‘Kids are us @ Asda’ scheme and feel that
Ashton has set a precedent for all the other stores to follow," she said.

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