Asda staff face quiz on reasons for leaving job

Asda staff who want to quit must now meet with their HR manager to see if
they can be talked out of leaving the supermarket chain.

The No Quit policy has been launched to try to reduce the number of staff
leaving. An employee who gives verbal or written intention to leave must now be
seen by the store or depot HR manager within 24 hours, to identify the reasons
behind their decision and see if anything can be done to persuade them to stay.

Marie Gill, head of colleague relations for Asda, said, "If somebody
leaves us of their own accord then it’s a failure on our part if we haven’t
removed the reason why they’re leaving. Allowing someone to leave is not an
option. We take it personally".

Gill explained that Asda has always had exit interviews, but that they
served to solve problems for future employees rather than looking at why the
present employee was leaving.

Staff who want to leave can be offered flexible work arrangements, or the
chance to train and apply for new roles.

It costs the supermarket giant £4,000 to recruit and train a new member of
staff. It has a store turnover rate of 24 per cent. "It’s not just a pink
and fluffy thing. There’s a hard business case behind it," said Gill.

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