Audit Commission chief Michael O’Higgins calls for NHS performance improvements

NHS trusts need to get 20% increases in productivity from their staff, according to the chairman of the Audit Commission.

Michael O’Higgins told delegates that a massive improvement in performance was needed.

He said that progress in patient care was not good enough after five years of unprecedented spending on the health service.

“We need to be looking for 20% efficiency gains, rather than 1%,” said O’Higgins.

“More people work in the NHS than ever before, but there are some concerns that progress has been slow. We are going to have to be more inventive in terms of improving productivity,” he added.

O’Higgins outlined three ways in which HR teams could improve the usefulness of their workforces: improving standards sharpening processes and personalising services.

He added it was vital that the worst-performing trusts caught up with their better-performing peers.

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