Australia looking to tempt British workers Down Under with changes to its immigration policy

Australia is attempting to entice skilled British workers to its shores through changes in its immigration policy.

The new rules will apply from 1 September and will see an additional five points offered towards a visa for those who pass a standard English test under Australia’s points-based immigration system.

The relaxation of its current policy is part of a drive to bring much needed skills into the country, including additional doctors, nurses, teachers, accountants, plumbers, dentists and IT managers.

Almost 150,000 foreigners were granted permanent visas to live in Australia last year, with two-thirds of them skilled migrants. The country has raised its annual target figure for skilled workers coming in to the country by 5,500 to 102,500.

Britain, with 24,800 people, was the leading source of skilled workers last year, followed by India (15,865), China (14,688), South Africa (4,293) and Malaysia (3,838), according to figures released by Australian immigration minister Kevin Andrews.

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