Roly Walter

Roly Walter

About Roly Walter

Roly Walter is founder of performance management system company Appraisd

Why check-ins are key to creating a healthy culture

7 Aug 2019

From employee engagement to workplace wellbeing, regular check-ins have a wealth of benefits for both employees and line managers, as...

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Performance management to fit the modern workplace: your questions answered

26 Nov 2018

Following this month’s webinar on transforming your performance management, one of our speakers, Roly Walter, answers some questions from our...

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Getting the best out of a remote workforce

3 Oct 2018

Remote working is commonplace, but how should employers manage performance? Shopify’s Colin Boyer talks to Roly Walter, founder of Appraisd,...

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How to get line managers on board with feedback

8 Aug 2018

Managers are so overwhelmed with demands that having regular feedback conversations with employees can be hard to fit in. Roly...

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