Awards recognise equal pay champs

Women will be able to identify employers offering them equal pay under a new
award scheme launched by minister for women Barbara Roche.

The Castle Award will be given to employers and individuals who are leaders
in promoting equal opportunity and pay issues.

Roche also announced an extra £270,000 to identify and spread best practice
in advancing women in the workplace.

"The pay gap is getting narrower year-on-year but this is not solely a
matter for Government. What is also needed is a cultural change amongst
employers so they properly value women’s contribution to their organisation’s
success," said Roche.

"Women looking for a job want to know their employer will value their
skills and experience and working parents want to know that they won’t miss out
on opportunities at work, if for example they attend their child’s school play.

The Castle Awards are named after Barbara Castle, who introduced the Equal
Pay act in 1970.

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