AYMTM launches employee recognition programme for East Midland Trains

East Midlands Trains (EMT) has launched a new employee recognition programme, named STARS, which is designed to support its going employee rewards and recognition strategy. 

This programme has been created and implemented by performance improvement agency AYMTM.

The programme’s initial phase provides a paper-based mechanic using “thank-you” cards with a detachable post paid nomination form empowering EMT managers to say ‘thank you’ to staff who are seen to support the company’s values of respect, professionalism, teamwork, honesty, respect and communication.

In the second phase of STARS, the nomination process will be extended to enable colleagues to nominate one another for special recognition and reward. 

An online platform will be supported with a paper-based and telephone nomination process to make the programme as accessible as possible to the employee base. 

The programme also includes proven reward techniques such as certificates, lapel pins and celebration lunches to ensure that deserving staff are recognised and valued for their contribution to the company.

Ellen Perton, AYMTM’s development director, commented, “We’re confident that the STARS programme will increase overall morale and satisfaction among the EMT employee base. At a time when there is so much bad news about job security, it’s encouraging to have an example of a company taking really positive steps to increase staff recognition.”

Perton further commented commented: “This is a truly powerful but simple mechanic which provides a thank you card for employees who ‘go the extra mile’.  We’re data capturing details of the thank yous – this provides valuable insight about how employees embrace the new values within their normal working day.

AYMTM has built a reputation for providing award-winning motivation, reward and incentive solutions to leading blue-chip companies in the IT, telecoms and automotive sectors. 

The company’s senior staff comprises industry experts in the fields of motivation and incentive travel.

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