BA dispute rumbles on as accusations fly

The fallout from the wildcat strike at British Airways is growing as the different sides accuse each other of coercion and victimisation.

Gate Gourmet has accused the Transport & General Workers’ Union (T&G) leader, Tony Woodley, of trying to force the company to rehire the 550 workers it sacked last week.

The catering firm claims that Woodley said he would reveal “allegations of improper corporate activities” unless it rehired the staff it fired.

The T&G said its attention had been drawn to “allegations of improper corporate activity and a major health and safety concern at Gate Gourmet”.

Gate Gourmet said it did not believe there was any wrong-doing, but was set to hire forensic accountants to check the BA account.

Meanwhile the T&G has turned on BA, warning the airline not to ‘victimise workers with a conscience’ after it started an internal investigation to find out who was at the centre of the illegal strikes by ground staff.


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