Dispute resolution

Alternative dispute resolution describes a range of techniques that involve a neutral third party helping to resolve a dispute between two parties, before recourse to courts or tribunals is necessary. Types of alternative dispute resolution include arbitration, conciliation, mediation and early neutral evaluation.

Priti Patel settles civil servant bullying case with £340,000 payout

Civil servant Sir Philip Rutnam has settled his unfair dismissal case for £340,000 plus legal costs, as the home secretary avoids a tribunal hearing.

Centrica boss: ‘firms need way to change terms and conditions’

3 Feb 2021

The boss of British Gas owner Centrica has told MPs he is ‘committed’ to reaching a settlement with the GMB...

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Ryanair pilots’ trade union detriment case over first hurdle

20 Jan 2021

Ryanair pilots who saw their staff travel benefits removed after they took part in a strike in 2019 will have...

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Agency workers paid less than employees win back pay

8 Dec 2020

Forty agency workers who collect waste for Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council in the West Midlands will receive thousands of pounds...

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Covid-19: Will ‘anti-vaxxers’ pose a problem for HR?

7 Dec 2020

The UK has become the first country in the world to approve the mass use of a Covid vaccine and...

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Heathrow staff to strike over ‘fire and rehire’ plans

17 Nov 2020

Workers at Heathrow Airport are set to strike for four days in December in a dispute over plans to ‘fire...

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How to dampen the conflict tinder box in lockdown

9 Nov 2020

Employers need to implement new strategies to limit the risks of growing volatility as winter lockdown kicks in, writes David Liddle

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Managing conflict: How are investigations holding up in the pandemic?

6 Oct 2020

Just because a high proportion of employees are away from the office does not mean conflict has disappeared.

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BA boss signals ‘fire and rehire’ plan U-turn

17 Sep 2020

The chief executive of British Airways has told MPs that it sees no need to ‘fire and rehire’ cabin crew...

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Unions to protest as BA confirms redundancies

7 Aug 2020

British Airways has confirmed today that its plans to make 12,000 job cuts will go ahead, and more than 6,000...

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Investigations and Covid-19: employers need a pandemic-proof toolkit

27 May 2020

Employers are turning their attention to a host of novel HR issues coming over the horizon.

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‘Remote conflict’: What happens when teams work from home?

26 May 2020

It may be easy to assume that conflict only happens face to face, but even as entire teams have been...

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St Mary's Hospital

Key London NHS trust to directly employ 1,000 services workers

31 Jan 2020

NHS trust moves to 'insource' 1,000 cleaners, porters and catering staff previously on minimum wage.

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Thousands of Northern Ireland nurses strike over pay and resourcing

18 Dec 2019

Thousands of nurses in Northern Ireland have gone on strike over “unsafe” staffing levels and pay inequality with the rest...

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British Airways pilots accept new pay deal

17 Dec 2019

British Airways pilots have accepted a new pay deal, ending the dispute over pay and conditions that led to a...

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