BA gains e-HR project feedback via Net game

British Airways is using an online card game to discover which HR functions
staff want to access on its new intranet system.

So far BA’s global intranet allows staff at its 200 sites to access and
update personal details, claim expenses and organise training and travel.

And, through the card game, the company is learning what further HR
information staff want and how it should be structured.

Wanda Jankowska, e-working change manager at BA, explained, "We are
using a special card game to see how employees want the data to be arranged.
Each card contains information and staff are asked to organise them in a way
that makes most sense.

"We then design the pages so that it makes sense to employees – not an
HR manager."

Information includes employment guides, HR policies and procedures. The
self-service HR function is designed to free up personnel staff so they can
focus on strategic HR said Jankowska.

"It is an integral part of the e-HR project and our vision to free up
HR staff. We want to relieve HR professionals of routine jobs.

"The new intranet is employee-centric so people can both gain access to
data and interact with the pages."

By the end of the year, Jankowska claims the system will include a partial
implementation of an e-pay system that will eliminate the need for a paper
payslip and allow staff to find out additional salary information. She said,
"As well as seeing items you would on a normal payslip, you will be able
to scroll down the page and find out more information about deductions and tax

Staff accessibility to the intranet is the biggest challenge for BA. While
25,000 employees have access, there are still 36,000 worldwide who are


By Phil Boucher

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