BA manager to fight airline’s ‘old boys’ club’

A British Airways (BA) manager will claim at a tribunal today that the airline giant bullied and discriminated against her.
Kym Fackrell, a check-in supervisor at Heathrow, alleges the firm harassed her at home with calls while she was nursing her terminally-ill mother, reports the Daily Mirror.
She claims BA is an ‘old boys’ club’ after she and two male colleagues were suspended when one of their staff took a sickie to go on a course, the newspaper said. The men were quickly reinstated but she says she was off for seven months and was undermined while she was away. She was then allegedly demoted when she returned in January.
BA will deny the claims at the employment tribunal. A spokesman told the Daily Mirror: “We will be defending the case as we believe that BA treated Miss Fackrell fairly and lawfully.”

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