Balance Learning launches web-based 360-degree assessment tool

Balance Learning logo 124x44Balance Learning, the blended learning specialist, has launched a web-based 360-degree feedback assessment tool which automates and simplifies the entire process of collating and administering the feedback, monitoring progress and producing reports in real time.

Called “The Balance 360-degree Assessment Tool”, it enables individuals to identify their personal development needs, by self-assessing their knowledge, skills and behaviours in key areas and comparing this with how their manager, peers and subordinates view their performance.  The new tool integrates with Balance Learning’s blended learning programmes and can also be used as a stand alone tool, to help organisations introduce or implement 360-degree assessment.

“360-degree feedback gives individuals a clear understanding of their development priorities but it can be very time-consuming to undertake the process manually,” said Chris Horseman, managing director of Balance Learning.  “This online tool significantly reduces that time investment.  It provides a rapid and reliable way of measuring an individual’s strengths and weaknesses.”

Hosted by Balance Learning, the new tool enables a candidate’s manager, peers and subordinates to provide their feedback online and it instantly collates and processes the results.  The results are available as detailed feedback reports, which are returned to both the trainer and candidate. Information is displayed graphically using colour-coded spider or bar charts. The reports can help individuals to benchmark their performance against a high performer or the team average.

“Accurate feedback can be particularly effective when it is used before and after a training event,” said Chris Horseman. “Beforehand, it can highlight the areas that candidates need to focus on.  Afterwards, it can show individuals how much they’ve improved and what they still need to work on.”

Formed by the original founders and core team members of Xebec, Balance Learning has created customisable 360-degree survey
templates for each of its blended learning programmes, enabling organisations to undertake 360-degree assessment in areas such as leadership skills, customer service, presentations, coaching, influencing skills and performance management. 

Balance Learning is offering the assessment tool free of charge with any of its blended learning programmes purchased before 30 June.  Under the terms of the offer, all registered participants will receive two free assessments – one before and one after the training has taken place – to demonstrate performance improvement.
For more information about Balance Learning, please call 0845 456 0465 or e-mail [email protected].

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