Barclays and Unifi sign up for partnership deal

Finance union Unifi has signed a landmark partnership agreement with
Barclays just weeks after the bank implemented programme of branch closures.

The agreement, which covers 35,000 staff, is the result of almost two years
of discussion between Unifi and Barclays to build a constructive relationship.

It commits the bank and the union to work for the success of the business
and to make Barclays a better place for employees to work. This is built around
six principles; roles and responsibilities, behaviours, accountability,
excellence, flexibility and employability.

Unifi members at Barclays voted by a majority of 87 per cent in favour of
the agreement. Iain Maclean, Unifi deputy director general responsible for
Barclays, said, "The agreement is a further step forward in the process of
modernising employee relations in the finance sector."

When Barclays pushed through its closure programme Unifi argued against
suggestions of a consumer boycott of the bank.

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