BA’s female cabin crew close to back pay victory

Female cabin crew at British Airways are on the verge of
winning £3m in back pay.

The T&G union claims that over 500 women, who lost income
due to the company’s policy of switching them from flying duties to ground
duties when they become pregnant, are about to win their back pay.

The union has been negotiating with BA for over three years.

“The earnings of cabin crew are significantly influenced by
their allowances when they are on flying duty. It was an unfair anomaly that
when women cabin crew became pregnant and were transferred to ground duties,
they lost the allowances and consequently a significant amount of money,”
commented Brendan Gold, the T&G representative who has been leading the negotiations.

He added, “It has taken nearly three years since the first
tribunal cases in 1998 but we are close now to a final settlement which will
resolve over five hundred individual cases.”

By Karen
Higginbottom. Click here to respond

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