BA’s global online training programme takes off

British Airways is implementing a global e-learning programme for use
alongside its existing classroom-based training.

The online training will be provided by NETg, a Thomson Learning Company,
and will span IT and business and professional development courses. The initiative
is being driven by LearnBA, the branded BA corporate training department, and
500 courses will be available to more than 50,000 British Airways employees
from pilots through to baggage handlers via the company intranet or Open
Learning Centres.

BA e-learning manager Elaine Wilson said: "With a global workforce who
work irregular hours, who are on the move and whose culture and ways of working
differ greatly, providing consistent and successful training is a continuous

Wilson adds that the NETg solution allows staff some autonomy over their own
training path for self-directed learning.

As well as courses on Microsoft Office 2000 and negotiating, coaching and
project management skills, BA has developed customised content including
courses on dangerous goods and on the Amadeus reservation and sales systems.

All courses are administered through NETg’s learner management system,
SkillVantage Manager, which has been renamed Learnonline internally by BA.

NETg marketing vice-president Nige Howarth said: "E-learning as a
single delivery option provides significant benefits as a stand-alone learning
method and, as our research shows, its effectiveness can be further increased
when made part of a blended programme.

"British Airways understands that by viewing learning as a strategic
issue, and making it part of the evolving fabric of the business, it will
unlock the potential of all its employees," he added.

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