BBC stars earning top salaries will be ‘named and shamed’ if Tories come to power

BBC stars earning more than the prime minister will be outed if the Conservatives come to power.

The Tories believe opening up salary payments to public scrutiny will be seen as crucial to shaming the corporation into renegotiating hundreds of contracts with well-known figures, the Telegraph has reported.

Jeremy Hunt, the shadow culture secretary, said there should be “total transparency” on their fees and salaries. “The public should know what they are paying for,” he said.

‘Naming and shaming’ BBC presenters over their pay will be used to spearhead cost-cutting across the public sector.

Jonathan Ross, who is leaving in the summer, is paid £6m a year, or nearly 3% of the entire budget for “talent”, according to the Telegraph.

Fiona Bruce is said to earn £500,000 for reading the news and presenting Antiques Roadshow, and Graham Norton reportedly earns £2m a year.

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