Beer goggles can cloud union vision

A cautionary tale from disciple Colin – a manager from Wales – which is frankly just depressing.

Dear Guru,

We all know that UK plc has moved on a great deal from the union-dominated industrial relations nightmare that was the 1970s. Don’t we? Well consider this.

Last Friday, the senior shop steward (SS) on the site informed me that his membership had passed a vote of ‘no confidence’ in one of the union reps.

“What was his failing?” I asked.

“He has been seen drinking with two managers in his local,” I was told.

So I reminded the SS that I had bought him a pint at a rugby match.

“Oh, no,” he said. “That’s different, that was just a one-off. He is drinking with them regularly!”

Clearly they are not aware of the old adage: keep your friends close and your unions closer.

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