Behavioural Interviewing

Taking the guesswork out of recruitment
Format: Interactive CD-Rom
Price: £999 (+VAT)
From: Video Arts

This was my first opportunity to review the new range of interactive study courses from Video Arts. I am late in doing this as the range of courses has been growing rapidly this year and includes 54 titles.

This two-hour course has a modular structure that can be split into ‘bite-sized’ learning chunks. It features a menu of introductory materials that gave me the confidence to get started, showed me how to use the CD-Rom, offered a trailer to set the scene and set me a pre-test.

I was impressed by the pre-test, which established my current knowledge levels, before suggesting modules where I should brush up my skills.

The materials are accessible and the test format is easy to follow: answers can be indicated by either the click and drag method or by ticking boxes.

Each answer receives immediate feedback from ‘well done’ to ‘not quite’, but nothing more specific.

Memorable video clips support the course, which is interspersed with thought-provoking questions to ensure the user is learning and being challenged. It included tracking and support tools to enable me to chart my progress and plan future learning. I enjoyed the film footage of James Nesbit and one of my favourite character actors, Kris Marshall.

The Video Arts interactive self-study courses library includes classics such ‘Meetings, bloody meetings’ and ‘If looks could kill’, and new additions ‘Pass it on: coaching skills for managers’ and ‘The art of selling’.

The courses are available as a stand-alone CD-Rom, priced at £999 (+VAT), or can be accessed online through the Video Arts Learning Portal, or through an organisation’s intranet from £20 per user.

The experience is intense, but thorough, and both user and purchaser can feel confident that the subject will be covered thoroughly.

Relevance? 4 stars (out of 5)
Interactivity? 5 stars
Value for money? 4 stars

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