Tesco to offer degree in supermarket management

Tesco is set to offer a degree in supermarket management, according to reports.

The retail giant is planning to launch a two-year foundation degree in retail management, which includes display design, special offers and efficient shelf stacking.

“Retail has had an image of attracting people who are not really interested in going to university,” said Derek Longhurst, director of Foundation Degree Forward, the body promoting the qualifications. “This is one way we can change that perception.”

Foundation degrees are designed with employers, and combine academic study with workplace learning. The course will be mostly taught at work and online, although it includes some days at university, according to The Sunday Times.

The move follows the announcement earlier this year that employees will be able to take vocational courses to A-level standard at McDonald’s, Flybe and Network Rail.

The qualification will eventually be offered to other retailers who can adapt it to suit their businesses.

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