Benefits of animal companionship in the workplace

I’m writing to commend you on your article ‘Spotlight on staff with pets’ (Personnel Today, 16 January).

Here at The Blue Cross, we have long recognised the benefits of animal companionship, both at home and at work. We actively encourage staff to bring their animals to work where the job allows.

We also understand the deep emotional bond that can form between an animal and its owner, which for many people is similar to the relationship with a family member.

As an employer, we have responded by introducing a flexible approach to working hours and also give staff compassionate leave when required, and we recommend that more employers should consider doing the same. The benefits in staff morale are widely recognised.

The Blue Cross provides a free national support service for anyone that has been parted from a pet.

Contact this free service on 0800 096 6606 (e-mail:

Rachel Briggs, director of HR, The Blue Cross

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