Best practice in performance coaching: a handbook for leaders, coaches, HR professionals and organisations

Price £24.95
From Kogan Page
ISBN 13:9780749450823

 I have seen only early page proofs of this book, which is due to be published on 28 September, but I predict that it will quickly establish itself as a must-read.

Carol Wilson first made a name for herself in the music business, when she worked for Sir Richard Branson in the 1970s. She founded Virgin Music Publishers and went on to launch her own label. She now works with Sir John Whitmore at Performance Consultants International. Both use the foreword to offer glowing testimonies to her work. And they are richly deserved. The proofs I have seen are beautifully written, lucid and unpretentious.

The book will work for all levels of understanding, from the novice coach and nervous line manager to established practitioner. It could also be useful for HR departments that want to speak expert language. She explains its mysteries before sharing tools, case studies and exercises.

Useful? *****
Well-written? ****
Value for money? ****

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