Better Regulation Taskforce to tackle EU law

taskforce is investigating ways to simplify EU law.

Arculus, chairman of the Better Regulation Taskforce, today announced that its
study on the simplification of EU legislation is now under way.

will feature reviews of the data protection directive and food labelling, as
well as pollution control legislation.

taskforce’s study will support the European Commission’s better regulation
initiative, which has identified the simplification of the body of EU law as a
major objective," said Arculus. 

British Government and several other member states have also made it clear that
they regard simplification as a key issue.

hope that our study will be a positive contribution to this work, by putting
forward some practical proposals… to help both the European institutions and
governments to make progress on this important subject.

Gibbons, the taskforce member leading the study, said: "We will be holding
further discussions with stakeholders including those in other member states and
at European level.  The study will
report by the end of the year.

would welcome any further views about the possible simplification of EU law in
the three areas we have identified." he added.

the taskforce at BRTF Secretariat at 5th floor, 22 Whitehall London SW1A 2WH.  Tel: 020 7276 2142.  E-mail

By Quentin Reade

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