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Francesca Kimpton, corporate clairvoyant

What does she do?

Francesca Kimpton sees auras, but that’s not all. The corporate clairvoyant
can spot a workplace troublemaker by picking up their psychic vibe within
seconds of meeting them. Which is why she’s in demand from big business.
Kimpton describes herself as a troubleshooter, being called in by companies for
advice on recruitment and dismissal issues as well as tasks such as assessing
company morale. She can also help with individual career development.

How does it work?

During an interview, Kimpton sits in the corner and clairvoyantly tunes in
to the person (she doesn’t have to look at them). As they speak, she claims to
see pictures around them, which sometimes take the form of images of their
personality. From these, she can tell whether they will fit into the
organisation – "who works and who doesn’t" as she puts it.

An individual might come across as the ideal candidate, but their psychic
vibes will indicate whether they will be disruptive in the office, for
instance. She says she is often faced with the wrong person for the job but
having picked up on their skillset can suggest other areas where they would be
more usefully deployed.

Is there any evidence it works?

Kimpton’s lengthy and diverse client list – from recruitment agencies
through to direct marketing firms and a high street bank – and the fact that
most of her work comes through personal recommendation, would appear to suggest
that there’s something in it. Although most of her clients are understandably
twitchy about being identified she can reel off specific instances.

On a recent visit to one company, she described to management one particular
individual (unseen) who was hardworking and trustworthy and that they should
promote her. The director knew immediately who she meant and explained that they
were about to make her a director.

In many cases, she says she merely confirms a hunch an employer may have

The facts

Kimpton has been a corporate clairvoyant for 15 years. Her current rate
varies between £600-800 depending on the size of company.


020 7602 0611
(she’ll be expecting your call)

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