Blog of the week: Four hour work week

Four hour work week

This rather attractively titled blog is based on author Tim Ferriss’s award-winning book of the same name. There aren’t many New York Times bestselling authors with blogs – and more’s the pity.

Ferriss’s bio alone justifies a blog of its own. Described as ‘an Indiana Jones for the digital age’, his experiences range from lecturing at Princeton to playing hurling in Ireland. That said, he was also voted Wire magazine’s ‘best self-promoter’ in 2008.

The book is based on tips such as how to train your boss to value performance over presence, and it’s more of the same from the blog. While the title implies that the content is work-related, it’s really about work-life balance – much of the advice could be applied to work or non-work problems.

At the time of reviewing, the latest post was ‘Practical tactics for dealing with haters’. Not as dramatic as it sounds, but a very good piece on coping with negative comments or influences. Ferriss pulls together his previous writing on the subject, giving readers some real food for thought. I particularly liked the range of quotes included, from people as diverse as retired US general Colin Powell to ancient Greek philosopher Epictetus.

Ferriss is a great source of practical advice, too. His post ‘Public speaking – how I prepare every time’ is excellent. He is very thorough – down to how much Diet Coke to drink before taking to the stage (and when to drink it, to ensure a constant ‘buzz’). He even reminds readers to visit the toilet before giving their presentation.

But while some of the advice may be slightly tongue in cheek, much of it is valid. Ferriss evidently approaches life with energy and a ‘can do’ attitude, and he is keen to share this with his readers.

It’s an attractive looking blog, too. Ferriss is not camera shy, so there are plenty of photos of him at conferences, interviewing people or just out and about. Topics are thoughtfully illustrated, and the video content makes the blog especially accessible.


David Benson

Benson describes himself as a ‘full-time husband and dad, occasional HR professional and long-time indie-pop lover with hints of geek’.

Few other tweeters are quite as endearing. His tweets are a lively mix of HR comment and updates on his daily routine. Readers of a certain age will come over all misty eyed at the 80s music references.

Benson evidently reads other people’s tweets more than he posts his own, but that’s fine – keeping an eye on his occasional comments is a good way of staying up-to-date with Twitter trends.

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